Stairlift Survey

After you have contacted Independent stairlifts and a stairlift survey has been arranged our local surveyor will visit your house on time and with all the brochures and equipment he needs to survey and advise which stairlift would be most suitable for you or your relative.

The most important aspect of a stairlift survey is to make sure the user is capable of using the stairlift. Can the user sit down properly or do they need to stand perch seat. Once we are all happy that this can be done the survey continues.

  1. We will firstly take a look at the staircase and evaluate whether a straight or curved stairlift is required. Our surveyors are very experienced and within a short space of time be able to confirm which stairlift is suitable and whether it will fit.
  2. The next step is to discuss the product and a brief history of ourselves so that you know you are dealing with a reputable company. At this stage we need to make sure you are happy with the product suggested by the surveyor and how it will appear on the staircase. Samples of the track will be available and you will be shown how they would look on your stairs.
  3. The surveyor will then do a comprehensive survey of the staircase. They will also need information from yourselves. ie –

    A. Your weight and height. B. Your back to knee and seat to head measurements. This is done when you are sitting on an upright chair such as a dinning room chair. Is a Sit/Stand or Perch Seat needed ?

  4. The detailled survey is then done taking all the measurements from the length of the stairs, the width, the angles etc. Here at Independent Stairlifts the survey is very important. We have a step by step procedure that our surveyors stick to so that we know we have all the information we require. Photographs are taken as part of the survey.
  5. After the survey we will then talk you through the product showing how it operates and all the features our stairlifts have as standard. If there are any questions or you are unsure of anything please ask the surveyor they have all the knowledge.
  6. The surveyor will work out the costs while he is there so that you have all the information at hand.
  7. Please allow around an hour or so for the full survey.