Stairlifts Bristol

Stairlifts BristolSo, what can I tell you about Independent Stairlifts Bristol, and how we differ from other stairlift suppliers?

First off, we are not simply a stairlift supplier in Bristol. We pride ourselves on being able to learn and understand our customer’s unique situation and needs, and then to get quotes from many competing stairlift suppliers to find you the best possible price and the widest choice of makes, models and features. Of course we will be happy to arrange the delivery and installation of your stairlift, riser-reclining chair, adjustable bed or mobility bath lift, and at an excellent price, but we feel that our primary contribution to our customers lies in our expert advice and price comparison service.

What are our core values?

practicality-iconPracticality – Our customers need solutions, not just different problems. That is why all of our advice is orientated around determining what they really need and letting them choose form a wide range of products and equipment that addresses those needs conveniently and practically, making our customers more mobile and better able to live independently.

Stairlifts BristolCare – That should go without saying, but unfortunately these days it doesn’t. Independent Stairlifts believes that stairlift suppliers owe their customers the time and effort, the care, to make sure they get products that will help them the most yet cost them the least. Your mobility is more important than out profits.

Stairlifts BristolHonour – Another somewhat outmoded value, but one that is important to us. We are members in good standing of all the relevant trade bodies, and we adhere to all best practices, codes of conduct and the safety specifications of each product rigidly, because it is the right thing to do. We’re quite proud of that, and we feel more stairlift suppliers should be.

Stairlifts BristolIndependence – It’s right there in our name! We stay independent from any one manufacturer, distributor or stairlift supplier in order to keep the ability to offer help and advice to our customers that takes only their needs and situation into account. If we worked too closely with any one manufacturer, we could be pressured to ‘move more of’ one particular product or line at the expense of our customers.

Stairlifts BristolBest Price Guarantee – Independent Stairlifts guarantees the best like-for-like price for all the stairlifts we provide. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We’re happy to give advice and help in finding the solution that is right for you, all at no cost or obligation.

Enhancing people’s lives – The products we sell make life easier for our customers. Stairlifts Bristol, mobility chairs Bristol, mobility beds Bristol and bath lifts Bristol all help people enjoy greater independence and the ability to get around better and with less discomfort than they would otherwise have. It would be difficult not to feel good about that.