Stairlifts UK: Four Myths Explored

Offering convenience and independence, a stairlift can dramatically improve your or a loved one’s quality of life. Recognising the potential benefits of a stairlift, you may be contemplating purchasing this life-changing piece of equipment. You may even have gone as far as searching ‘ stairlifts UK ’ on Google! But perhaps some doubts still remain. To help you gain a clearer understanding of the benefits of a stairlift, four common myths are explored below.

1. Too Expensive to Own or Operate stairlifts uk

Cost is no longer a barrier to owning a stairlift. In fact, over the last decade the cost of owning a stairlift has continued to drop. A full range of options and choices now exist. From straight to curved to outdoor stairlifts, and even reconditioned models, there is a stairlift to meet not only your needs but also your budget. Employing advanced power-saving technology, they also cost very little to run. Costing only 1 or 2 pence a day to charge the rechargeable battery, your stairlift may actually prove to be one of the cheapest household appliances to run.

2. It Won’t Carry My Weight

Many overweight people suffer from mobility issues. Stairs can, in particular, be difficult to climb and a stairlift can be a very useful and beneficial solution. Maximum weight limits vary between models, from 20 to 31.5 stone. With more and more options available, it really is worth finding out more.

3. My Walls Are Not Strong Enough

Some people worry that their walls won’t be able to support a stairlift. This is a mistake, as stairlifts are not fixed to your wall. Instead, your stairlift will be attached to the treads on your staircase, using support feet that hold the rail. This means your walls will not only be strong enough but will remain intact and undamaged.

4. My Staircase Isn’t Wide Enoughstairlifts uk

Many people believe their staircase is too small for a stairlift. Whilst important, the width of your staircase is not the most important consideration. In fact, when it comes to determining the adequacy of staircase space, the most important measurement is the length between the user’s spine and knees, and spine and toes whilst sitting on the stairlift. This measurement is added to the thickness of the seat back. As long as there is a one-inch clearance between the staircase and the user’s knees or feet, there is adequate space to travel safely. And even when there’s not enough space, modifications to the staircase can often be made.

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