Stair lift Safety This Winter

stair lift Winter can be a worrying time for those with elderly or disabled relatives. With the colder weather comes the risk of health problems such as hypothermia and arthritis. The most common concern, however, is injury caused by falling. One in three elderly people fall each year. Age UK have reported that falls are the leading cause of death in the elderly.

Dropping temperatures can lead to a higher risk of an elderly person falling than in the warmer months. Aching joints, stiffness and arthritic problems can lead to immobility, making it more difficult to move around safely.

To avoid the risk of injury this winter, make sure you’re well prepared. Age UK recommend the following tips:

• Ensure your heating system is working correctly and fireplaces have been swept and cleaned.

• Have plenty of warm clothes to hand. Dress in layers to prevent hypothermia.

• Stock up with easy-to-prepare meals such as soups and ready meals.

• Encourage family and friends to visit more often. Don’t stay alone for too long.

• Consult your GP about a flu jab.

• Keep emergency numbers such as plumbers, electricians and care groups, close to the phone.

stair lift Outdoor Stair lifts

Winter does not mean you should never go outside. However, the risk of falling is far higher in wet or icy weather. If you have outdoor steps, consider having an outdoor stair lift installed. An outdoor stair lift functions in the same way as an indoor stair lift, but it is weatherproof, rustproof and manufactured specifically to withstand harsh weather conditions.

stair lift Indoor Stair lifts

Elderly people tend to be less active in winter. Cold bones and aching joints can lead to stiffness and increase the risk of falling. An indoor stair lift will allow you the freedom and independence that you enjoy in the warmer months. An indoor stair lift will keep you more mobile by allowing you to move between floors without the risk of injury.

Stair lifts have a range of safety features including:

• Seat belts.

• Swivel seats so you can get on and off in the safest and easiest way possible.

stair lift • Diagnostic controls.

• Sensors positioned on the footplate that will detect obstructions on the stairs.

• Remote controlled operation, ensuring you can control your stair lift from upstairs or downstairs.

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