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Based on the overwhelmingly positive response to our core stairlift advice and fitting service, we have recently expanded into offering several other lines of mobility equipment, including mobility recliners, mobility beds and mobility bath lifts. Of course, we do sell and fit these devices, but our primary service is helping you, out customer find exactly the right product from a huge selection of high quality, UK-made products and then getting them direct form the manufacturer to save you both time and money. 

But more about our lines of recliner mobility chairs…

Riser ReclinerWe understand that every person has unique limits and mobility needs, so we can help you find a model with the exact features you need in the luxury and style that suits your home. No matter which model you select, you can be assured that they are made by expert craftsmen and women right here in the UK, to the highest possible quality standards. This means that any mobility chair you buy through Independent Stairlifts will be not just comfortable and luxurious but will give you years of trouble-free service as well.

Better still, all of the riser recliner chairs we provide are built just for you, to your specifications. You have a huge palette of fabrics, finishes and coverings to choose from, so whether your home décor calls for leather, damask or even something really exotic, your mobility chair will fit perfectly.

Unsurpassed luxury and variety

Nothing is more personal than your choice of furniture. The public areas of your home have a unique look that you have been developing for years. Any new addition, no matter how convenient or medically necessary, should match that look perfectly without sacrificing comfort or functionality in any way. For these reasons, Independent Stairlifts have made arrangements with a great many UK manufacturers to offer you a wide range of mobility chairs and recliners, where you are sure to find the one that meets all of your needs exactly.

Of course, some of our models truly stand out:

  • The Venice, for example, features exceptionally deep, soft cushions.
  • The Venetian offers a unique one-piece seat and leg design which provides exceptional leg support.
  • The Sandhurst features multiple storage compartments.
  • The Serenity sports elegantly styled arms that are perfect for many décors.
  • The Hampton is best for smaller spaces that aren’t suited to most mobility chairs.
  • The Antique is a true classic which looks great by the fireside.

When you buy through Independent Stair Lifts, you never need to compromise. Each of our chairs give you the support you need, when and where you need it, yet fit seamlessly into almost any home.

To discuss your options or to get a free assessment, please contact us today at 07949 943 402, email us at enquiries@whichstairliftsuk.com, or fill out the contact form below.