What to consider before buying a stairlift for your home

StairliftsA stairlift is a major benefit for the elderly and disabled. It has become an indispensable aid in allowing continued mobility and autonomy. The use of a stairlift can lower the risk of falls and also  lower the risk of carers suffering from back injuries.

Outdoor stairlifts provide the perfect solution for enjoying your garden and outdoor areas while still maintaining a degree of independence.

A stairlift is a one-off purchase so you need to be sure that you choose the right one for your personal circumstances. Age UK offer valuable advice on choosing the right stairlift. If you are considering having a stairlift installed, then consider the following:

Long Term Use

You need to consider if your condition will allow you to use a stairlift in the long term. Curved stairlifts are more expensive than straight, so many people opt for a straight stairlift because they can still manage the last few steps unaided. However, if you have a deteriorating condition, a curved stairlift option may be better for you and the added expense will be worth it.

Stairlifts UKEase Of Use

Before installing a stairlift you need to determine how easy it is to get on and off and whether you are able to sit comfortably and safely. Knee and hip problems may prevent you from using a stairlift effectively.

Consider if you will be able use the controls easily and whether the stairlift has a remote control function that is easy to use.

You also need to consider whether a stairlift will be appropriate if there are children and pets in the household and if the stairlift has foot sensors for obstructions on the stairs.

Narrow and Awkward Stairs

If your stairs are narrow you will have to consider if the installation of a stairlift is feasible and whether others will still be able to walk up and down the stairs easily.

Financial Costs

A stairlift is a major investment, however, financial help may be available. Contact your local council for a free assessment of your circumstances and eligibility in receiving financial help for buying a stairlift.

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