Affordable Stairlift Solution

affordable stairliftsIf you’re considering installing a stairlift in your home, one of your main concerns will be the cost. Stairlifts are not cheap, however, they are a one time investment and for many it’s a price they’re willing to pay for continued mobility. There are many who need a stairlift but can’t afford it. So what’s the solution?

Here are 3 ways that can help you save money by offering an affordable stairlift solution for your home.

Financial Assistance

Before considering what stairlift options are available, you should check to see if you’re eligible for financial assistance through your local authority.

Your personal circumstances will be assessed and, if eligible, you can make small adaptions to your home free of charge up to a value of £1,000. To be assessed, you need to contact your local social services department. If your mobility needs exceed £1,000, you may still be eligible for funding through a Disabled Facilities Grant.

Straight Stairlift Add-Ons

Straight stairlifts can be far more cost effective than curved models. Straight stairlifts can be adapted to cope with staircases where a curved stairlift would be ordinarily be necessary. An infill box or platform can be added to help you manage quarter landings or the last few awkward steps.

Refurbished Stairlifts

A refurbished stairlift can substantially reduce your costs. Don’t be misled into thinking that a refurbished stairlift is ‘second grade’. All models are high quality, reliable and identical to brand new models.

Refurbished stairlifts need to go through a series of rigorous safety and performance testing before they can be installed.

Only buy a refurbished stairlift from a reputable supplier who can offer a warranty for customer peace of mind. Rather than just making cosmetic repairs such as painting over scratches and replacing the cushion seat, a reputable supplier will thoroughly inspect the stairlift before repairing and replacing any parts that are worn or below standard.

Many refurbished stairlifts are ex-rentals. They’re in ‘as new’ condition and may even have the added advantage of optional extras already included.

But the biggest advantage of a refurbished stairlift is the cost. You’ll be getting a high quality stairlift that is almost impossible to distinguish from a brand new model, at the best price possible.

Whatever your needs, Independent Stairlifts is committed to providing a tailor-made stairlift solution at the best possible price. We use a rigorous 44 point quality check on all our refurbished stairlifts before they can be passed for installation. We also offer a full year’s warranty on all our refurbished models.