Stairlift Guide

Stairlift GuideBuying a stairlift is normally a one off purchase so it’s important that it is the right choice for you and your needs. That’s is the key component for us at Independent Stairlifts – making sure the stairlift that you buy actually suits your mobility needs. However, just as important is that the stairlift you choose suits your stairs and the accessibility of your home. Stailrifts shouldn’t feel like an imposition but should be a welcome extension to your staircase without causing obstruction. That’s why we’ve put together a short list if guidelines for you to read through to help you along the way with choosing the most suitable stairlift.


Process Stairlift Guide

  1. We are here to help. So the first thing to remember is you can call us and we will help you through any questions you may have and help you understand more about our stairlifts.
  2. Once you’ve spoken to us, you will meet one of our surveyors who will visit your staircase and suggest one of our products that will suit your particular needs.
  3. Next, the surveyor will talk you through the product’s options, walking through it’s functionality and why they have suggested that particular stairlift product.
  4. Once you have discussed the surveyor’s suggested stairlift – and remember you can ask him anything you need – he will provide you with the best price guaranteed quote. Remember this is a no-obligation quote but please get in touch with us following the survey to let us know your decision.


Buying a Stairlift Guide

Now that you know what the process is for finding a suitable stairlift for you, it’s time to make your decision. Please also bare in mind that if you have skipped the first process, you are at risk of buying the wrong stairlift for your needs – no two staircases are the same and our surveyor will be able to offer you essential measured advice. However when you come to decide, here is what you need to look out for:


  1. Ensure the stairlift will have a 12 month warranty and free service at the end of the 12 months. Enquire also about extended warranties.
  2. Must have a 24/7, 365 day aftercare service.
  3. 7 Day money back guarantee.
  4. DC Technology (battery powered – no cables and chains!).
  5. Paddle controls on both arms.
  6. Key Operated.
  7. Slimline seat that fold away to no more than 12”.
  8. No holes in the walls – Stairlifts fitted to steps only
  9. The following as standards: seat belts, swivel seat, diagnostic controls, 2x remote controls, sensors on the footplate.
  10. Check whether the engineer will remove obstacles ie hand rails etc
  11. Enquire about buy back or resale services
  12. What country is the stairlift made in? is it easy to get parts?
  13. Check whether single rail or double rail on the curved stairlifts
  14. Installation must be included!
  15. How long from purchase until installation?
  16. Will an approved UK stairlift installation company install it?
  17. Is there VAT on the stairlift?
  18. Is the stairlift certified with an “Ease of Use Commendation” by the Arthritis Foundation?