Stairlift Features

When looking to purchase a stairlift always make sure that you get the right features for you. Safety and ease of use is paramount. Here at Independent Stairlifts we recognise that all our stairlift features are important so when the stairlift is manufactured we make sure that all the stairlift features are on our stairlifts. When you are looking at stairlifts for yourself or a loved one make sure the following features are on the stairlift.

Swivel Seat

The swivel seat is probably the most important feature. When the stairlift reaches the top of the stairs the seat needs to swivel 45 and 90 degrees and locks into position allowing the user to get off the stairlift safely on the landing.

Seat Belt

Our stairlifts have a seat belt similar to a car seat belt which is there to keep the user comfortably in the seat.

Folding Arms, Seat and Footplate

To fold the seat away when not in use make sure that both arms, seat and footplate fold away with ease. Leaving plenty of room for other people to use the stairs. When folded the seat should be no more than 12″ wide.

Easy To Use Controls

Always make sure your stairlift has paddle controls on both arms of the seat. Never go for a joystick as they are only on one arm and also they can get damaged easily. Our stairlifts have been accredited by the Arthritis Foundation for ease of use. Very important if the user has suffered a stroke or has severe arthritis.

Remote Controls

Two remote controls for the upstairs and downstairs. Very important if there are two users so the stairlift can be sent up and down the stairs. Make sure the remote controls work even when the seat is folded away.

Diagnostic Controls

A numbered system on the side of the stairlift to determine the status of the lift. Also a fault finder so that we can determine a problem quickly.

Safety Sensors On The Footplate

In the event of an obstical on the staircase when in use the stairlift will stop immediately preventing damage to the stairlift or user.

Adjustable Seat Height

Make sure the stairlift has an adjustable seat height so that it can be set to the perfect height for the user.

Key Operated

Remove the key to stop non users from using the stairlift.

Comfortable Seat

The stairlift seat and back of seat should be padded ensuring a comfortable ride. Also an easy to clean fabric.

Perch Seat or Sit and Stand Seat

The user of the stairlift may have problems bending the knees or sitting down normally. Maybe the perch seat or if two people will be using the lift a sit and stand stairlift maybe suitable.

Hinged Track

If there is a door at the bottom of the stairs or the track will protrude into a hallway etc a hinged track is required. This can be manual or automatic. Never have a stairlift installed if it is going to cause a tripping hazard.

Jointed Track

When there is not enough room to bring the track into the house in one peice the track can be jointed in the middle for easy access.

5 Point Harness

This feature is used when perhaps a handicapped or severly diasbled person needs to be held upright in the seat when travelling. A single buckle attaches all five belts together. Please ask for details as this is not a standard feature.