Mobility Aids

Riser Recliner ChairsRiser Recliner Chairs – Based on the overwhelmingly positive response to our core stairlift advice and fitting service, we have recently expanded into offering several other lines of mobility equipment, including mobility recliners, mobility beds and mobility bath lifts. Of course, we do sell and fit these devices, but our primary service is helping you, out customer find exactly the right product from a huge selection of high quality, UK-made products and then getting them direct form the manufacturer to save you both time and money. Find out more about Riser Recliners

Mobility BedsMobility Beds – Every year, more and more people across the UK discover that they just can’t get a proper night’s sleep in a traditional bed anymore. You can spend thousands of pounds, even tens of thousands on a truly high-end mattress, and find that it doesn’t make a bit of difference. That’s because your mattress isn’t the real problem. It might be your bed.Find out more about Mobility Beds

Mobility Bath LiftsMobility Bath Lifts – Has getting into and out of the bath started to become a struggle? Are you worried that you might need help to see to your basic needs? If so, then the Aqua Mobility Bath Lift system might be just what you need to continue seeing to your own needs in independent dignity. It is a surprisingly simple and affordable solution to the mobility problems many people now face.Find out more about Mobility Bath Lifts