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Mobility BedsElectric Adjustable Beds 

Every year, more and more people across the UK discover that they just can’t get a proper night’s sleep in a traditional bed anymore. You can spend thousands of pounds, even tens of thousands on a truly high-end mattress, and find that it doesn’t make a bit of difference. That’s because your mattress isn’t the real problem. It might be your bed.

Electric mobility beds have been around for years, but many people still don’t know how helpful they can be, especially to those of us with certain medical conditions. Mobility beds give you control of a wide range of motion, giving you back your night’s sleep untroubled by aches and pains once again.

But mobility beds aren’t just for people with bad backs or circulation problems! They can help those of us who suffer from a long list of ailments, including Arthritis, asthma and rheumatism. Just take a look at the wide range of mobility beds you can buy direct from the manufacturer through Independent Stairlifts. It could mean the best night’s sleep you’ve had in years – or ever.


Independent Stairlifts takes a flexible approach to comfort.

We understand that you expect quality, reliability and an excellent price. If you shop with Independent Stairlifts, you will also get peace of mind. All of our adjustable mobility beds are manufactured right here in the UK, so you know you’ll get a bed made of the best materials and to the highest standards. Better still, it will provide the ultimate in comfort whilst remaining practical and trouble-free.


Indulgent mobility furniture made with you in mind

Mobility BedsPracticality should never dictate style in home furnishings. That is why we make sure that each of our electric mobility beds is beautiful as well as practical end effective. Whether you prefer classic or contemporary styles, we’ll find you a mobility bed that is both eye catching and luxurious, yet still fits into almost any size room. Your home is your castle, after all. Make sure your furniture makes a real statement.

For lovers of traditional styles, let us suggest the elegant Victoriana, boasting a lovely classic brass frame. Maybe you’d prefer the spectacular Renoir, reminiscent as it is of the classic French sleigh beds, and finished in warm cherry wood and a stylish rolled headboard? Or perhaps the gorgeous Verona with its dignified matching head and foot boards.

For the more modern tastes, perhaps we can suggest the minimalist Elite, with its clean, simple lines it suits almost any space. Or maybe the bold Nimbus, which is accented with suede-like Al Cantara fabric. This gives it a sleek look that fits in nearly anywhere. The smooth and very comfortable Contessa is also very popular, featuring a low foot stool granting easier access and 5-way movement. Or would you prefer the stylish Moderna which is available with matching bedside cabinets?

For something truly 21st Century, we offer the Comfort Vision, which is both visually stunning and one of our most adjustable mobility beds, offering amazing positional relief and even a built in HD television hidden in the footboard.

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