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Independent Stairlifts specialises in comparing and providing innovative mobility solutions to people of all ages and levels of mobility or ability.

Straight stairlifts are one of our more popular options, as they are simple, reliable and efficient. The controls of straight stairlifts are simple and easy to use, and as the track itself has no curves there is no tricky or difficult manoeuvring needed. To learn more about the many fantastic models of straight stairlifts we offer at competitive prices, please contact us today! A dedicated member of our team will be with you immediately, and can help find the best stairlift for you and your unique situation.


How does a straight stairlift work?

straight-hinge-demonstrationIn most cases a one-piece straight track runs from the topmost stair all the way down to the ground floor. In some cases, space at the bottom of the stairs is tight, and minor modifications are in order. If, for example, there is insufficient room at the base of the stairs of if that space is required to use a door, it is generally possible to include a hinge along the track so that the lift can be parked conveniently without obstructing space at the base of the stairs or blocking any other area. In many cases it is also possible to install a straight stairlift with a platform in spaces that would otherwise require a curved stairlift. Of course, we will assess the need for anything like this before fitting your stairlift!

What is the installation process like?

Straight-Stairlift-MobilityBecause Independent Stairlifts cares about your convenience, we make every effort to fit most models of straight stairlifts in 2 hours or less. We begin by fitting the track to the steps (this is preferable to fitting to the walls), typically at 3 points along the staircase. Next the DC wire (using any standard UK wall socket) is plugged into the nearest convenient socket. We test the stairlift fully before leaving your property, making certain that everything is in working order and completely correct.

Of course, we ensure that all of our stairlifts are in perfect condition and in working order when they come to you. The rail will already be made to the surveyor’s specifications, and will typically be delivered to your home in 1 piece. If this isn’t possible for any reason, the track can be manufactured in two pieces, and be joined up as part of the fitting process.

A Straight Stairlift can be used with any of the following common staircase layouts:

Basic Straight Stairlift
Straight Stairlifts

Straight Stairlift Including an Infill Box
Straight Stairlift Infill

Straight Stairlift Including a Platform
Straight Stairlifts