Hinged Stairlift Rail

Hinged Stairlift RailOne of the biggest concerns for customers deciding whether they should have a stairlift installed is whether or not they have space for one. Well, as specialists in stairlifts, we are able to assist you with your concerns and offer space saving solutions to account for limited accessibility and stair space.

One of the ways in which we can assist with this is through a Hinged Stairlift Rail. In essence, the Hinged Stairlift is, as the name suggests, hinged at the bottom of the stairs if there is a doorway immediately where the stairlift ends. This means that if the track protrudes into the hallway, it can be folded away safely to remove any tripping hazards and keep your hallway open and accessible.


Hinged Stairlift Tracks

The hinged stairlift is one of the most popular features of stairlifts, used approximately 50% of the time with Straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts. This is due to its ease of use – the automatic hinge will drop and lift depending on where the chair component is in its travel. This means you never have to worry about whether your doorway will be obstructed by the tracks.

The hinged stairlift track component is supplied either powered or manual on the straight stairlift and powered on the curved stairlifts. Essentially, the hinge is a great choice for maintaining accessibility and a free, open feeling home – reducing the impact of requiring a mobility aid stairlift.