Heavy Duty Stairlifts

Heavy Duty StairliftsThis style of stairlift is designed to cater for the larger framed person. It’s increased strength and durability makes it perfect for handling larger amount of body weight than the average straight stairlift. In total, the weight capacity of the Heavy Duty Stairlift is up to 30 Stones (or 190 Kg). Whereas the regular stairlifts we offer fit both straight and curved stairways, the Heavy Duty Stairlift can only be accommodated by straight stairlifts dues to the mechanical infrastructure that supports its increased weight capacity. We are, however, working towards building a similar style Heavy Duty Stairlift for curved stairways – If this is something that you require or are interested in, please get in contact with us so that we can keep you up to date on the progress.


Comfort and Ease of Use

We understand that comfort is important when choosing your new mobility aids. It’s all very well and good being able to use a heavy-duty stairlift, giving you the mobility you have desired for so long, but if it isn’t comfortable – it isn’t worth much! That’s why we ensure that all of our Heavy Duty Stairlifts are equipped with a larger sized seat and wider armrest span to accommodate your comfort needs. Alongside these additional features, the Heavy Duty Stairlift comes complete with the usual high quality stairlift components including the swivel seat for further increased mobility, diagnostic controls, seat belts, sensors on the footplate and many many more comforts to make your stairlift easy to use and suitable for your needs.


Not only do our Heavy Duty Stairlifts have increased seat space and structural support for increased weight capacity – all of our Heavy duty stairlifts come equipped with a larger motor than the average stairlift. This means that straight stairlift can not only accommodate the additional weight in comfort and durability, but even in efficiency and reliability.



One of the most important aspects of our installations to remember is – the structural integrity of your staircase comes first. This is why our stairlifts are installed in such a way as to spread their weight over the entirety of your staircase. Furthermore, your new stairlift will be fitted directly to the steps, as opposed to the wall, which ensures maximum strength and longterm health of your staircase.

The Heavy Duty Stairlift is very simple for us to install and will take under 2 hours to complete. We just ask that your hallway and staircase area are kept clear for us so that we can install your new stairlift with ease. Don’t forget – we offer a full no-obligation survey from our own local surveyors so please feel free to get in contact with us to discuss your needs.


Buying With Confidence

We have had many customers over the years that have benefitted from our friendly but prompt services. It is through this number of clients, combined with our expert knowledge of the needs of both stairlift users and the technology that creates these mobility aids, that we are confident in our ability to help and assist you with your decisions.


Therefore, we understand that despite the need for a larger stairlift in weight capacity, there may not be the space for larger equipment. This is exactly where our expertise in stairlifts comes in handy. Even though the seat is larger on the Heavy Duty Stairlift, it is still very compact with the ability to fold away. This means that the stairlift still allows plenty of room on the staircase for non stairlift users and doesn’t take up too much space at the bottom of the stairs.