5 Point Safety Stairlift Harness

Stairlift HarnessThe 5 point stairlift harness is a feature that offers a higher level of security than the standard seat belt that is installed on straight stairlifts. This style of stairlift harness is ideal for both children and adults to ensure that are constantly secure and safe in their sets whilst the stairlift is in motion.

The main focus of the 5 point stairlift harness is to disallow the user from bending forward and potentially falling from the stairlift. What’s more is it is entirely comfortable to use and is fully adjustable with just a single belt connection for ease of use.

The 5 point stairlift harness is fixed to the back of the seat which makes it always available for use. It is designed with usability in mind – to make its use as efficient as possible to make climbing the stairs as stress free as possible. The stairlift harness itself is made of a strong fabric that is robust and resilient to long term damage which means it will last as long as the stairlift, maintaining its structure and, thus, security till its end.