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More and more people across the UK are making the addition of a stairlift to their homes, and discovering that this is a truly life-changing technology! For so many people, the ability to do something as simple as move freely through our own home is taken for granted. Once that mobility is lost, even moving between the floors of your home can become a challenging or dangerous exercise.

The good news is that advances in the design and manufacture of chairlifts has made them an excellent option for many thousands of people who even just a few years ago would not have been able to get a stairlift of their own. Curved stairlifts, in particular, have come down in price substantially, and are now an excellent option for homes with awkward stairway layouts or those with particularly demanding space requirements.

All of Independent Stairlifts’ mobility products, including our curved stairlifts, are built right here in the UK by the best manufacturers in the industry. That means that you get excellent craftsmanship and responsible, accessible work at an excellent price.

How do Curved Stairlifts Work?

Curved StairliftsCutting edge curved stairlifts are designed to travel uninterrupted along stairs with 90° or even 180° bends with ease, allowing you to use them in areas that were once impossible, or at least impractical, fort earlier types of lifts. A curved stairlift is fitted to the stairs themselves rather than the wall, allowing an unusual amount of flexibility in terms of placement. Each id fitted with a comfortable swivel seat, making getting off and on much simpler from almost any angle.

Our stairlifts can be fitted as either permanent or temporary, depending on your own needs and the unique requirements of your home. Our expert advisor team is always ready to help you find the perfect curved stairlift or other mobility product.


What is the installation process like for a Curved Stairlift?

Curved Stairlift SuppliersCurved stairlifts are a great deal more sophisticated than the straight stairlifts you may be used to, so installation takes around 4 hours. Of course, this varies a bit, depending on the specific features of your model and installation, especially track length. The tracks themselves are built bespoke to your home’s measurements, so they can be installed quickly without being modified on-site.

After everything has been installed, our fitting team will test the lift fully to make sure everything is in working order and ready to be used. Installation can be arranged within as little as 10 days.


best-price-iconBest Price Guarantee – Independent Stairlifts guarantees the best like-for-like price for all the stairlifts we provide. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re happy to give advice and help in finding the solution that is right for you, all at no cost or obligation.


A Curved Stairlift can be used with any of the following common staircase configurations:

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