Stairlift Grants

When looking to purchase a stairlift for yourself or a loved one Independent Stairlifts recognise that a little help with the financing of a stairlift will always be welcome. There are various avenues that can be exploited prior to contacting us  for a free no obligation survey.

Firstly, if you hold a registered disabled badge or you have a disabled child your first port of call would be your local council. They may be able to help with the following – Ramps, widening of doorways, downstairs bathrooms adapted, heating systems and stairlifts. Contact your local council  or Government help for details.

If you are not a registered disabled person and have medical problems such as Arthritis, Heart condition, COPD, Osteo Parrosis, Osteo arthritis etc you may get a stairlift grant but the council will conduct a means test. If you have savings or assets of over £23,500 it is unlikely you will get a grant. If you own your own home it is unlikely that a grant will be available to you. If you pass the means test you could be looking at a wait of up to 18 months.

However there are other ways of recieving help when purchasing a stairlift. Take a look at the social change website this will give you all the funding websites available. Occupational benevolent funds are worth looking at. Turn to us is another website to look at.

The other area is your place of employment. You may have worked for a large company for most of your working life. Often these large companies will fund, part fund or help as you may have given them many years of hard work.

If you have been in the armed forces, the RAF or british legion they also offer help .

For companies looking for stairlift grants here in the UK for up to £5000 which is non repayable with a good success rate please visit uk Stairlift grants.

Independent Stairlifts offer a free no obligation survey, our own installation and a full 24/7 aftercare service throughout the uk. Our stairlifts include a straight, curved and outdoor stairlift to fit all types of staircases. Our stairlifts are manufactured here in the uk giving you reliability at the best prices possible.