Meeting Better Business Bureau Accreditation Standards

We at Independent Stairlifts are proud to announce our accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB); this means that with us you can be certain we will provide you with the highest standards of customer service, products, installation and maintenance every step of the way. The BBB is a non profit organisation dedicated to maintaining and advancing market place trust they are the intermediary between us, the business and you, the consumer, but what does this mean for you:

Honesty In All Forms

All BBB accredited businesses must adhere to a strict advertising policy; this means you can be sure of full honesty in all of our advertisements, no ifs and buts, every claim we make can be substantiated throughout the entire purchasing process.

Honesty doesn’t stop with advertising: all materials, products and services must be truthfully represented to the consumer. We guarantee all of our products are 100% British manufactured so we know what we are supplying and you know what you are receiving, your trust is important to us.

The Importance Of Trust

Maintaining trust is vital in today’s flooded market place, our accreditation means you can ensure our practices are fully ethical and properly licensed and there has been no action taken against us stating otherwise. We can provide you with information to corroborate our claims so you can be guaranteed of our dedication to providing you with first class service.

The Better Business Bureaus standards of : equality, truth, integrity, honesty, cooperativeness and self regulation are driving our business forward for your benefit. At Independent Stairliftswe won’t work with any business we don’t trust and we don’t expect you to either; you can have faith in us and our manufacturers right from the word go. For more information on all of our stairlifts, new and reconditioned, get in touch free-phone on 0808 223 4929 or email us on and one of our dedicated team will help you find the best stairlift for your needs.