Can Your Local Council Help You Get A Stair Lift?

Thousands of people struggle in their own homes in the UK as a result of age, injury or disability. Simple, everyday tasks like showering, cooking dinner and going up and down stairs can become too much of a struggle to handle but now legislation is in place to help elderly and disabled people get a new lease on life through disabled facilities grants.

A disabled facilities grant is a sum of money allocated by councils to struggling households who can’t afford to make these changes themselves. The grants endeavour to bring greater freedom to individuals to not feel trapped and overwhelmed in their own homes; they are used by individuals and families to make home improvements that can improve: access, freedom of movement and genuinely to adapt their living environments to their condition.

But are you eligible? The grants are completely means tested so how much you receive will depend on your income and savings, you must be a landlord or tenant and you must be planning to stay in the property for at least 5 years. The maximum allowance available in England is £30,000 (£36,000 in Wales) which can be paid in instalments while your property is being worked on or in one payment after completion, equally the money could either be paid to you via cheque to pass on to a contactor or paid directly to a contractor.

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